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Case Study: How Instagram Tasty Foodie Instagram with 500k Follows Charges for Advertising

We received an email from this Foodie Instagram account, and it has a significant following, and they are reaching out for advertising on their Instagram page. You can see the rates in the image. It's interesting to see Instagram accounts like this that spent a lot of time and effort to build a vast page but really can't figure out to monetize it vs. other people and pages who charge thousands. 

Would you pay to Advertise on a Foodie Instagram Account?

If your brand is a restaurant, this might be an excellent way to get new likes and follows. However, if the restaurant is in Orlando, Florida, and these Foodie account followers are all overseas, it would not make much sense. Instagram gives great insight tools that tell where the followers are from, Male or Female, and Age range. Make sure you look at these statistics before paying for advertising on an Instagram page. Youl'll notice in this image this account has a lot of follows but all are from Countries under 1% - not America. So, wouldn't make much sense to advertise United States or a local restaurant here unless they are just looking for follows not actual profit. 


Instagram Orlando Marketing


Should you hire a marketing company to handle your Instagram account?

Even if you have an in-house marketing person, they might not be experienced in the Instagram algorithm. There are companies like ours that do not charge much per month and get the Instagram account going for you. Showcase beautiful pictures and showing how to cater to Instagram stories to encourage engagement. 


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